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DATCO Services Drug and Alcohol TestingDATCO Services Corporation was founded in August, 1994 as a full-service, third party administrative management company. Our prime objective is to educate prospective clients and their key employees on issues and facts subject to Department of Transportation. We also educate our clients on: Drug Free Workplace compliance, employee alcohol and drug testing, pre-hire or promotion background searches, monitoring of programed services, employee and supervisor training, data management, and client specific and regulatory reporting.

We assist our clients or their legal departments with answers on regulatory questions and we provide “arms length” answers to employees sometimes sensitive questions.

Our Third Party Administration (TPA) compliance program saves time and money. By eliminating the need to hire and train new staff, the TPA aides the employer by freeing current employees from the burden of the administration and its associated record keeping and documentation headaches.

We recognize that our customer is our business; accordingly, we make every effort to satisfy all of our client’s needs and requirements. Our toll-free customer service line is available any time, day or night 1-800-95-DATCO, (1-800-953-2826).

We promote a Drug Free Workplace by providing a comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Policy tailored to our client’s specific needs and philosophy. Our policy integrates the mandated government requirements for compliance.

We adhere to the collection, testing and reporting procedures as delineated in federal regulations (49 CFR Part 40) for all our clients, both Department of Transportation and Drug Free Workplace throughout the United States; this allows for uniform standards no matter where the collection is performed. We utilize Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) certified laboratories. The types of tests provided are: pre-employment/pre-hire, random, periodic, post-accident/post injury, reasonable suspicion/reasonable cause, return-to-duty and follow-up tests.

We provide all the reports (with the numbers filled in) that are required for compliance - in other words, we report all test results performed by our contracted and board certified Medical Review Officers (MRO), we compile client and employee history of drug and alcohol records, and we maintain all testing data collected.

We provide a training program for all supervisors, managers, employees, future employees and for employees who are promoted to lead worker or supervisor - and we maintain training certification.

We aid in the reduction of Worker’s Compensation Claims because of our manager and supervisor training on the signs and symptoms of drug abuse and alcohol misuse. (Individuals who ignore safety and common sense cause many avoidable accidents and resultant injuries due to substance abuse.)

We contract with credentialed Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) to provide high quality referrals for employees that are in need of such services.

We provide “A Parent’s Guide to Being One Step Ahead” for parents or guardians to help nurture Drug-Free children. Also provided is an instant urine or oral fluid drug kit as insurance -just in case!


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