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Online Drug & Alcohol Compliance Training - Get Certified Here!


Get Trained and Certified Fast!

  • As a third-party administrator for Drug & Alcohol Compliance Training and Certification, DATCO Services recognizes your needs as a manager, supervisor or employee to get trained and certified quickly.

  • Many state agencies won't even allow you to get behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, be it a car, truck or fork-lift, until you are certified.

  • Our onilne service is fully automated! 

  • Simply signup and start training.


How It Works...

Online Drug & Alcohol Compliance Training - Get Certified Here!
  • Your training is broken down into several small sections. For each section you will watch a short video, then answer a few questions about what you just watched. It's just that easy!

  • You will need a handbook to go along with your trianing. All required documentation will become available for downloading from your DATCO Video Training Center Dashboard once you're signed up, so you can follow along with the training and get additional answers to questions you may have along the way.

  • If you miss any questions along the way, you'll be given an opportunity to review the video again - then take a slightly different version of the quiz for that section.

  • Key information will appear below each video to give you hints about the quiz questions that follow.

  • Upon successfully completing your training, you will be immediately emailed your certificate of completion. Simply present this to your employer and you are ready to go!


After You Sign-Up

  • You will receive full instructions via email with step-by-step instructions to make your testing and certification process go quickly and smoothly.


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