Employee Background Checks

Employee Background Checks, Drug Testing, Alcohol TestingDATCO Services makes it easy for you to pre-qualify applicants with quick and confidential history reports which allow your company to make informed decisions on potential employees.

Background Checks can prevent employee problems before they happen!

Not knowing a potential employee’s prior history can prove costly to employers. DATCO Services provides extensive background checks on potential hires, reducing employer risk while assisting in the hiring process.

Factual information is one of the most important interview tools employers have, and DATCO Services makes background checks simple with the following search services:

Credit History
  • A credit report is crucial if the applicant will be handling money or working with company finances in any capacity.
Criminal History
  • A criminal record check is critical to both the safety and security of employee and company.
Education History
  • An education history check is a fast and simple way to validate an applicant’s educational history. If salary is partially determined by levels of education or college completion, this search is a valuable, cost-effective resource to employers.
Employment History
  • Previous employment history is an integral part of any good screening program. Verifying salary, position, and dates of employment is one of the easiest ways to ensure open communication between applicant and employer.
Motor Vehicle Record History
  • An MVR is required if the position in question calls for the applicant to operate a motor vehicle of any type. The first step in DOT certification, an MVR also aids in the verification of an applicant’s identity.
Professional License / Industry Accreditation Verification
  • Verifies the source and includes the date the license was issued, expiration date and any restrictions attached to the license/certificate.
Workers’ Compensation Record
  • The cost of workers’ compensation insurance is rapidly increasing, partly due to false or fraudulent claims made by workers. DATCO Services can help prevent compensation insurance fraud within your company with a simple (post job offer) candidate screening.

Drug Screening, Employee Background Checks, Criminal History

Drug Screening, Employee Background Checks, Criminal History

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Perform Employee Background Checks, Drug and Alcohol Screening

Employees are the backbone of every company. For this reason alone, it is important to pre-screen potential employees during the selection process.

Drug Testing, Employee Background Checks, Alcohol Testing

Background checks do not violate potential employee rights, rather they provide basic information that give insight to the individual, making it easier to evaluate their fit into your company and with other productive employees.

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